When the alarm goes,
do you hit snooze or wake up?

The Red Monkey Story is a five part story that walks you through the numerous aspects of organizational development of the EOI Mindset.

  • Part One: The Color of Innovation will be Red … introduction to a new mindset.

  • Part Two: We are Engines … a new approach to Personal Development.

  • Part Three: Managers are Heroes … a new era for 3D-Managers with the right talents.

  • Part Four: Organizations are Jungles … a disruptive mindset for 3D-Executives.

  • Part Five: Rise of the Red Monkeys … a 3D-Organizational Development strategy.

Awakening Classes

One way to learn the Red Monkey Story is through our Awakening Classes. Each class is a half day session and is taught by one of our experts. For each part in the Red Monkey Story, there is a separate class.

‘The Color of Innovation will be Red’ is the first Awakening and the perfect start to learn the basic vocabulary such as 2D/3D, Red Monkey, Culture & Business Innovation, …

The other sessions focus on other aspects of personal and organizational development. If you are interested in joining or organizing one of our classes, check out our Awakening Classes website.

Story In The Cloud

The perfect way to learn browse through the entire story from home. Our online Q&A is the raw, uncut story by Jef Staes. Through our Video on Demand sites, you can buy or rent individual questions or the entire story.

Executive Lounge

Our Executive Lounge is the place for CxO’s and executives to learn about the Red Monkey Story. It’s a network that brings together corporate decision makers and creates a space to collaborate and start real culture innovation.