Jef Staes - Rise of the Red Monkeys - #JefTalks

My mission is to awaken organisations. To show them that the old ways are insufficient in today’s world.
— Jef Staes

Who is Jef Staes?

Jef Staes (Belgium, 1956) is an authority on learning processes and innovative organisations. After a career as Corporate Learning Officer (Siemens Belgium), he currently assists CEO’s and organisations to find a comprehensive answer to the changing dynamics of today’s market. 

“Why don’t organisations learn and innovate fast enough?” Jef Staes answers this question. He has written a number of books on this topic, including the Red Monkey Trilogy, and has been a popular speaker at numerous international conferences (incl. 3x TEDx, Online Educa, IRM UK, ...). His latest project is a network of likeminded organisations that learn and work together to create a real culture of innovation within their company. This cooperation is based on Jef's Engine of Innovation Mindset.


Jef Staes is a keynote speaker and author, expert and entrepreneur. His eye-opening ideas on the future of business and education inspire many.

His bestselling book, “My Organisation is a Jungle”, uses a rich vocabulary and exciting parallels to truly engages you in the story of Red Monkey Innovation Management.

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"Rise of the Red Monkeys" is a one day seminar. It's the perfect next step after hearing a keynote by Jef, reading his books or watching one of his online talks.

It's also an Executive Awakening, which means the main intention of this day is to open your eyes. Show what has changed, what an agile organisational culture could look like and how to make this transition. This session is also primarily aimed at decision makers within your organisation. 

'The color of innovation will be Red' is a brand new, half-day session that not only introduces you the Red Monkey Story, but also offers a short workshop to bring Jef's Red Monkey insights into practice. You can join one of our open sessions with a small group or as an individual professional.

It's also part of our Awake projects and we hope it offers everyone the opportunity to attend a session with Jef Staes.