EOI Tuning Services

EOI Village - EOI Factory - EOI Check Up

You can’t innovate your business
without innovating your culture.

What is EOI Tuning Services?


EOI Tuning Services offers an answer to those that want to start transforming their organisation. Three building blocks in this story are the Village, CheckUp & Factory. All use the EOI Mindset Map as a guide to make the transition from 2D to 3D. By speaking a common language, sharing a mission and following a similar road, we create a non-competitive environment where ideas are born and best practices can be shared.

'Stepping' refers to the four steps you take as an organisation to transform your culture: Awake, Learn, Inspire & Tune. These four stages offer a clear pathway to realize culture innovation and are an essential cornerstone to boost the Engine of Innovation (EOI) of your team or organisation.

We bring individuals, experts and organisations with a shared innovation mission together through several networks. There they learn and speak a common language, the EOI Mindset. This is an innovation language by Jef Staes which offers new insights and brings together key concepts in change, learning and portfolio management. It also tells a story about the changes in world and the future it holds.

EOI Check-Up

Want to become a professional expert in the EOI Mindset? EOI Academy is the place to be. It offers both independent and employed teachers and coaches the opportunity to learn our innovation mindset.

EOI Academy is also a network where our experts meet and exchange ideas and tools. So join our academy and become an EOI Mindset Master and a licensed EOI Expert.

EOI Village

Our EOI Village is a community of individuals all sharing a strong belief that the switch from 2D to 3D is a necessity. From employees to executives, from managers to freelancers, the village provides a safe haven to discuss ideas, learn from each other and setup new partnerships for innovation projects.

Through an individual membership, you can join the EOI Village and make the switch together with other pioneers.

EOI Factory

To really start tuning your organisation's Engine of Innovation, there is the EOI Factory. Using the EOI Mindset and the expertise of the EOI Academy, we bring together experts and executives to start a real transformation process.

The EOI Factory also offers organisations to opportunity to network and cooperate, to exchange not only best practices but also experts.