Culture Services offers a variety of tools and methods to aid organisations to switch their culture.



To be awake you need to understand that society has changed dramatically these last couple of years. What are the consequences and what chances are there for the taking. Only when you understand and believe in this, you are ready for the next step.


During this stip, you learn the Engine of Innovation Mindset. This innovation language is crucial to make the next steps. You also get the tools to make the Switch from 2D to 3D. With the EOI Mindset Map and the EOI Mission Box you can start turning theory into practice.


Time to start working. During Inspire, crazy, smart, rough ideas are born, which we call Red Monkeys. What ideas can change your organisation? The EOI Mindset sets out eight different innovation fields to focus your ideas and change projects.


Time for action. Tune refers to the Engine of Innovation in your organisation. You will need to upgrade it, to give it the innovatieve power required to be flexible in today's economy. By turning Red Monkeys into concrete change projects you can truly boost that Engine of Innovation

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